We believe in the humanity of things. What you, our fellow creators, are looking for are the tools to bring your ideas into the world,
the tools that will help you physically see what you imagine in your minds. That's where the beauty of handcrafts comes in,
it relates to the humanity and the specialness of your ideas by creating the tools you will use by hand. These tools carry a life in them from
the second they're made to the end when you put that last dot into its final page. Creators deserve tools that speak to them, tools that were
specially made with the perfect mixture of time, effort, precision, thought and care.

The team.

Amaal Younes

founder & product team.

Omar Heraize


Zaina Basha

partner & communication team.

Mariam Moawad

communication team.

Ibrahim Younes

operations team.

Patrice "Roy" Laki

crafts team.

Michael Saeed

crafts team.

Grace Matti

crafts team.

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